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Picking Garden Project 2005

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I did not get as many pictures of this project but I will add another when it all grows in later this year.  Here is what I did, I saw an idea similar to this on HGTV (Rebecca's Garden I think)

Below View March 2005

I had been wanting to expand my pond garden area but had no idea what I really wnted to do with it.  Then one day while outside with my daughter picking all the weedy flowers out there, it came to me.  "A Picking Garden" all her own, the site was good mostly sun, she would be in view from the house.  So I proceded, This photo is a pic of the site from down the hill.

View from above March 2005

This photo is a pic of the site from up the hill from the house.  We had to make sure we could still get through with a riding lawn mower.  But I wanted to make it more like a small room for her.  So I was watching television one day after planning to make her garden, and "BOOM" there it was, a sunflower fort.  So I started tilling and the soil was pretty good there I only added a few wheelbarrows of wood chips and a few of compost, along with a bit of over and out for the ants, and a little milorganite to compensate for the chips that were not broken down.

April 8, 2005

Then I raked all the tilled dirt to the sides, and filled the center in completely with wood chips and a few steppers.  Then it was off to the garden center to find some easy plants for her to grow.  We (she) chose snapdragons, marigolds, and cosmos.  I came back home and split out some shasta daisies, sedum, and iris.  We also added lots and lots of seeds, with the outer perimeter being sunflowers and ornamental corns.  We also planted some vines on the back side toward the neighbors house for added privacy (LOL).

I will add another AFTER picture later

Here I'll describe the picture above.